How to watch HULU, ABC, The CW, FOX, SYFY and CBS from abroad

You are an expatriate, a foreign student, in vacation abroad or simply not an American citizen ? But you would like to watch HULU, ABC, The CW, FOX, SYFY, CBS or other American channels TV shows ? Well, too bad because those channels freeze the access to users connected in USA.

The proof, you obtain this message on the CW: “Sorry, this content is not available in your location“.

But there is no problem because HULU, ABC, The CW, FOX, SYFY, CBS and the others channels freeze the access in function of your connection’s IP address. It means you have just to change this IP address to be connected to those channels.

How it works, in practice ?

To change your IP address properly and to keep a good connection, you may need to use a VPN ( Virtual Private Network) which is like a bridge between you and the TV services you want to use.

As you can choose in the parameter of your VPN to get an American IP address, meaning a IP address located in the USA, you would be able to watch your favorites TV channels without any problem.

How does a VPN work ?

You choose to connect to an American IP server, so your informatics data don’t cross from your computer to HULU but from your computer to the VPN. This VPN will go take the information needed to HULU and get back from your computer with it.

My advice is to use HideMyAss, the best VPN according to my opinion.

How much does this VPN service cost ?

HideMyAss is not very expensive and the price is reducing as the longer of the subscription.

11,52$ for 1 month using
50,66$ for 6 months using
78,66$ for 1 year using.

If you are an expatriate, a non-America resident, in holidays abroad or a foreign student, one year of subscription for a VPN would only cost 6,5$ a month.

You can pay this subscription by many way (Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Google Checkout, Liberty Reserve, Alertpay)

All the ways to pay are safe and secured, I have never had a problem with this service, for payment or utilization.

Beside, HideMyAss provide a “satisfied or you money back” service with a 30 days trial, as proof of seriousness.

How does it work after the payment is done ?

Once the payment done, you will be redirected to a page to download the VPN (compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux and Android) and what is left to do is to install it. Once the program launched, you can get your ID and your password (found during the payment) and then, choose an American server.

Click on « connect VPN » and there you have it, your IP address change for an American IP.

Enjoy your American channels on your computer !

To access to the VPN, click here : HideMyAss

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