Access USA App Store, Hulu and NetFlix wherever you are!

Desperately need an app only available on the US store? Sick of not being able to access Hulu’s or Netflix’s content because you are not connected to the Internet from the United-States of America?

So how do these access limitations work and what solution can be found to avoid them? Just read along and you’ll find out…

Hulu blocks foreign visitors

Geographic restriction Hulu


As many of you know, a lot of content on the Internet is filtered and restricted nowadays, and most of these limitations enable only US based users to access content. For instance, you probably own a mobile device like a smartphone or a tablet, and there’s a pretty good chance that it is an Apple made device using iOS to function. So in that case, you probably already have encountered the problem of struggling to find a way to download an app that is, of course, only available on the US store. Bugger!

Another thing that drives web users mad is limited access to online video content. As most people, you probably already have been looking for your favorite film or TV program on the internet, catching headaches with the geographical restrictions on great streaming sites like Hulu or Netflix. Ok, it is true Netflix is adapting and spreading quickly around Europe. But even if you are from America, and have to travel abroad, say to Africa for example, for some time; how do you not miss your favorite TV show? You can try logging in to your Hulu or Netflix or whatever else account you may have, click on the video you want to see, you will only end up being treated like us lot: “We’re sorry, but this content is not available in your country, bla, bla, bla…”

Geographical restrictions sites


How do you get blocked out from accessing some online content because of your physical location? Well, it’s really dead simple. Every device connected to the Internet, may it be a desktop computer, a laptop or any mobile device such as a phone or a tablet, has an “identification code” called an IP address. In other word, any device somehow connected to the internet can be identified by a specific program thanks to its unique IP address.

As well as programs able to read and pin out on the globe the physical location of any IP address of any device connected to the web, they are other programs that enable website managers to restrain access to their content. The program only has to locate the IP address, and depending on the country the user is in (or appears to be in) the program decides whether or not it should grant access to the website content.

Officially, these measures were carried out to prevent law violation regarding content ownership. Indeed, not only are there major differences between the American Copyrights legislation and the European author’s rights laws, but they are also scores of various local intellectual property laws scattered around the globe. In order not to break any local laws from anywhere around the World, many American companies choose to limit the distribution of the contents they own strictly to US territory, therefore only having to adapt their activity to the local Copyrights legislation.


Is it illegal to access US restricted content from a non-US location?


Now that is a tricky question. As you would imagine, most of the tips and tricks to manually change your IP address or proxy settings you can find scrapping the Internet are usually illegal, yes. Not only that, if you’re not quite sure what you are doing fiddling about with your browser and internet connection settings, there is a chance you will mess up something it could take you ages to fix, if ever you do get there one day.


What is the solution to access location-based content?


Cheer up, they is a way to access that content 100% legally and safely. Of course it is not free, like manually changing your settings, but it does not break the law, and this is miles less expensive than having to pay for an expert computer geek to fix your mess! Just use a VPN software, a Virtual Private Network software. It is totally legal and enables you to change at any time your IP address for another one anywhere else in the world.

And when talking of VPNs, there is no doubt that the most efficient, safe and easy to use software is HideMyAss. This program will help you choose in just a few seconds from thousands of different IP address around the world. With almost 30,000 possibilities in the US, you will never miss your favorite online streaming program again, wherever you may be!

No kidding, changing your IP address with HideMyAss is a real piece of cake! The interface is so well designed and user friendly than even a 5 year old child could switch his real IP address into a virtual one in only a couple clicks! You can be identified as a US resident, even if you’re not, and access LEGALLY all the US restricted content you want online anytime, anyplace!

Freedom is just a sign up away…

HideMyAss is only $59.99 a year, as a limited time offer until the end of the month, so try it now!

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